“Whats In Your Domke” Entries So Far!

Here are the entries so far for #whatsinyourdomke competition. please feel free to enter as you still have time! The competition rules can be found here

Barry King shares with us #whatsinyourdomke – Domke F803

Fuji X-Pro +18~55 lens Fuji X-T1 + 18~135 lens +hood

Cactus RF60 & Diffuser
3.5mm PC cable
Fujinon 35 f/1.4 lens + hood
Metz Flash bracket
AA batteries x 8
Two spare Fuji batteries
Flash cards x4
Lenspen Pro Cleaning Kit
First Aid Kit
Gripper gloves

Barry King

Buck Page shares with us #whatsinyourdomke – Domke Pouch

perhaps you might be interested to see whats inside my bag, Im Buck Pago from the Philippines doing documentary photography on human conditions here. heres my online website/blog https://sites.google.com/site/buckpago/
I have a very simple set up, I carry only one pouch with 400 films and 1600 reloaded films, as well as a notebook and pen. I carry my camera in my neck all the time.

buck pago61559_433422622885_1272862_n

Kordian Handzlik shares with us #whatsinyourdomke – Domke F2 Olive

Kordian Handzlik is from Poland and a traveller.
“I just came back from a trip to Southern California and here’s what I had with me in my Domke F-2 Olive bag:
– Hasselblad 500C/M
– Pentax LX
– Minolta Hi-Matic G
– 26 rolls of film waiting to be developed
– Sekonic L-208 lightmeter
– Travel guide to SoCal
– iPad Air
– Sunglasses
– Some souvenirs from the desert
Thank you, Domke! :-)”

DOMKE contest 1000x

Romain Boe shares with us #whatsinyourdomke – Domke F1X

I am a young french photojournalist writing to you with regard to the contest your brand is organizing about what photographers use to fit in their Domke bag.
So, hereby attached is my picture of what i carry with me, on my shoulder, in my Domke :
– One Hasselblad 500C/M
– One Zeiss Distagon 40mm f/4 for the Hasselblad
– One A70 back, full of old 70mm Kodak Tmax 3200 home-rolled from an old bulk.
– One A12 back, stuffed with Kodak TriX.
– One Leica M6 and its Leicavit
– One 50mm f/1.2 (on the Leica)
– One 35mm f/3.5 (just below the Leica)
And then, all my personal stuff : my wallet, my mobile phone, one knife, the keys from my home and my bike, one notebook and a pack of TriX.
If my Domke bag does not look great, it is because I carry a lot of gear in it, and i have been using it for the past five years on a daily basis. I know i can rely on Domke to support my working horses.


Dr Angus Murray-Brown shares with us #whatsinyourdomke – Domke 

“I thought I’d show you what’s in my Domke bag.

I am an inner-city doctor and I have been using this Domke bag for work for 6 years. 

Every day, rain or shine it comes with me into some challenging environments. It is unbelievably tough and pretty discreet – important if carrying controlled drugs and expensive gear. It is always crammed with kit and has definitely help save a few lives in its time.

I love Domke kit and trust it to perform. But it’s not just for cameras!”

Dr Angus Murray-Brown


Mark Leo Valle Dumandan shares with us #whatsinyourdomke – F803 & F3X

Domke F803 contents:

Chrome Leica M2 with Jupiter 8 lens Sekonic Zoom Master L-508 Hama Film Safe with 4 pcs Kodak Tri X Power Bank Sun Glasses with case Microtex Lens Cleaning Cloth Kodak TMAX 3200 Kodak Plus X 125 Ilford Delta 3200 Ilford Delta 400

Bag number 2 old, torn and well loved Domke F3X contents:

Pentax 6×7 with super takumar 75 4.5 Fujifilm Zoom Date 2.8 Powerbank Microtex Lens Cleaning Cloth Sun Glasses with case Sekonic Zoom Master L508 Ilford HP5 plus 400 Neopan Acros 100 Kodak TMAX 400 Kodak Tri X 400 x 2 Kofak Portra 400 x 2


Mark Dumandan_1 MArk Dumandan_2

Narong Fotoyokee shares with us #whatsinyourdomke – Domke F6


Wiktor Matczak shares with us #whatsinyourdomke – Domke F6

I’m using F6 ruggedwear bag. There is always a place in rear pocket for ipad, internal pockets are mostly occupied  by 35mm and medium format films. I’m always with my power bank, swiss knife and some electrical tape. I’m never parted with my Hexar analog and X100 digital camera. Main insert is great for larger dslr or medium format analog camera. Despite the amout of gear, there is still room for dog leash 🙂

prevscopies1_1 prevscopies2_1

Roberto Nania shares with us #whatsinyourdomke – Domke F2 & F3X

The first one is the classic F2 in the ruggedwear finish, it contains a Fujica GS690, some color rolls in 120 format, my trusted Sekonic Studio Deluxe meter, an Olympus Mju II for quick shots and a 400TX film. It’s my main 120 bag.
The second one is F-3X ballistic, a special gift from a colleague photographer. It has more of ten years of use and it still resists. It’s filled with the classic Contax G1 and Nikon FM2 and the special Holga BC135. Spare rolls (mainly color for the G1, medium and high speed BW for the FM2 and the Holga).

roberto nania 1 Roberto_Nania_2

Howard Paul shares with us #whatsinyourdomke – Domke F1X Sand

Here is what is in my Domke F1-X bag I’ve used for for 25+ years. The only thing I don’t like about it? I once lost the sand-colour bag among the high alpine vegetation of the Colorado Rockies, when I set it down and moved about to shoot. I now have a bright yellow-green tag on it so I can see it.

Nikon D600 Nikon N90 Nikon 80-200 Nikon 20-35 Nikon 50 Nikon 28 Nikon extension tube 21mm Vivitar 283 speedlight and remote sensor cord Lastolite folding white card Kodak Pro Photo Guide Rain poncho Luna Pro SBC Luna Pro F 6 SD cards Spare D600 battery Lens paper Lens liquid cleaner Sunscreen Eye drops 9v battery spares Halogen pocket flashlight Pens/notebook Rosco gel sample pack Graduated filters and 2 filter rotating mount 77mm B+W polarizing


Howard Paul Domke Bag x 10

Rene Gesink shares with us #whatsinyourdomke – Domke F6

As a concert photographer, the low profile and body hugging characteristics of my black Domke F-6 allows me to easily move around in the crowd in a discrete way. Much better than walking with a bulky padded photo backpack. To my surprise the F-6 even fits my D700 with a small prime lens, without having to take off the grip. Being a shoulder bag it enables me to change lenses even between shots without the risk of anything dropping on the floor. When I am taking a short break, I can rest my camera on it to spread the weight, and still walk around.

Here’s what’s inside my Domke:

Nikon D700 with MB-D10 grip and Nikkor 50mm F1.4G AF-S Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 Nikkor 35mm F1.8DX (yes it’s a DX, but until I can afford the 35mm F1.4G I abuse it on my FX D700, works fine within limits) Zenitar 16mm F2.8 fisheye Nikon SB800 speed light, omnibounce, tripod adapter (for backstage/band portraits and the really really dark venues) Yongnuo 622n TX radio flash trigger commander + Yongnuo 622n receiver to remote trigger the speed light Manfrotto Pixi mini tripod (I can put the speedlight on it for more directional control and stability) Spare CF memory card Microfiber towel and air blower, for dusty venues and flying beer spatters Gerber LX flashlight, wound with a bit of gaffer tape since almost everything happens in the dark, and you can never go wrong with a bit of gaffer tape Custom hearing protection ear plugs and spare foamies, ears are priceless

You can see some of my concert photography on my flickr page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/renegesink/sets/

Rene Gesink_a

Rene Gesink_b

Anders Backman shares with us #whatsinyourdomke

There are days, and then there are Days.

Trying to make it as a full time photographer, whilst juggling being a good father of a 1,5 year old girl, means my days are busy. We travel a lot, and then my Domke bags are full of baby bottles, diapers and wetwipes, together with our travel documents and a lap top. Usually not even a camera. When I am doing work, my bags are usually full of lenses, flashes and battery packs. But then there are the Days….the ones I like to call Organic Days. The days when I can do whatever I want, and bring only what I need. The phone on silent, good music in a pair of Marshall headphones, and just my X100S in the bag. A wallet so I can buy a cup of coffee.  Sometimes I come home without having taken a single photo, and sometimes I come home with some of the best stuff I have ever caught. This bag will be passed on to my daughter, to be her first photo bag.

My name is Anders Backman, I am a Swedish photojournalist based in La Paz, Bolivia.

Anders Backman

Rodrigo Bejarano shares with us #whatsinyourdomke – F3X RuggedWear

In my Domke F-3X RuggedWear You can find:

My Nikon D7000 with grip and 28-300mm lens Nikon SB910 speedlight Sigma 10-20mm lens Nikon 50mm lens Columbia hat Flash extender Screw on filters Graduated ND filters and adapter Intervalometer Giotto Rocket blower Eyelead sensor cleaning stick Nikon IR remote controller Battery charger and cable/adapter Several data cables Pouch with memories, microfiber cleaning cloth, 52mm filters and spare lens cap Spare batteries Energizer headband flashlight



Roy Van Veen shares with us #whatsinyourdomke – Domke F2

This worn out F2 is the first real camera bag I ever bought. Must have been some 20 years ago. Have been using it almost daily since day of purchase. And it shows.

This F2 fits enough stuff to get every job done and does it without advertising that you are hauling a bag of very expensive gear. And when I’m on holiday I have plenty of space for fun stuff.

These are my bag contents for my current short trip to Munich in Germany. It houses my Leica M Monochrom with a Carl Zeiss 35mm f2.8 (which I somehow prefer over my Leica 35mm f2). It has my 4-years-old daughter’s Fujitsu Instax Mini and a Lytro camera I’m using to develop my 3D way of thinking and looking. I always bring a tripod or when I need to travel light – like now – a Gorillapod. Other accessories include: a lens pen, lens cloth and tripod bracket for the Lytro. Added to that you’ll find a small notebook with pen, mandarin orange and a box with traditional Dutch licorice.

On professional outings I bring an additional F3 that holds my laptop, chargers, batteries, blower, additional glass, additional (Canon and/or Leica) bodies, flash gear and such.